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Lajos Tornyosi

is a contemporary tattoo artist, graphic artist and painter, whose work technique includes a combination of detail studies and colourful acrylic paintings in comic style, but also has a strong socio-critical orientation, which often only becomes obvious at second glance due to the bright colours. He has been interested in drawing since early childhood, and his career as a tattoo artist began in 1999. 

Along the way, he began to acquire methods of classical painting in oil and acrylic techniques, as well as graphic art, in an autodidactic manner. As an artist, he stands for surrealistic cartoons and comics, combined with influences from pop art and conceptual art, whereby the traditional skills of painting and sculpture also flow into the works and the term "conceptual art" refers to the artist's intention and idea as the most important aspect of the work.


The idea becomes a machine that ultimately brings the art to light. Due to the themes presented, Lajos Tornyosi can be further seen in the genre of Post-Internet Art. Influences on his oeuvre can be found in classical European art, but impressions from outside Europe also shape his work. He found impulses for his work in Zsolti Lâzok, a friend and colleague. Spiritual stimuli and a strong influence in the field of painting came through his friendship with Attila Horvath.


Andy Engel also encouraged the young up-and-coming artist and gave him further impulses and assistance, especially in the field of attention to detail and artistic quality. Technical and graphic skills were further intensified by the exceptional artist Zoltan Papp. For Lajos Tornyosi, the classical arts in combination with the craft of tattooing form a functioning unity, a critical view of the art market and the social change in relation to cultural memory, which is shaped among other things by widespread digitality, continue to shape his work.


"My tattoos are my passion. Therefore, it is important to me that each motif fits its future owner and is perfectly tailored to him. That is why my tattoos are not mass-produced. Copycats don't stand a chance with me. Because each tattoo has to be as individual as each of our customers is."

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